Our partners

Other organizations and companies dedicated to promoting technology and the powerful role that women can play in the growing field.
Dev Bootcamp
Girl Develop It has partnered with Dev Bootcamp to offer 10 current Girl Develop It members a $2,500 discount on tuition to Dev Bootcamps 9-week web development intensive taking place in New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Recruiting women for STEM careers is crucial and Girl Develop It passionately believes that collaboration, mentorship, and hands-on leadership creates accessible entry points into the world of software engineering. This scholars program will serve as another opportunity to increase awareness to gender parity in tech and access to resources for future coders.
General Assembly
Girl Develop It is partnering with General Assembly to offer one student a $1,500 scholarship to any of GA's upcoming long-form courses or Web Development Immersives taking place in New York, San Francisco, Boston and Sydney - just for friends of Girl Develop It.

Submit your details via the application link by Monday, April 22, 11:59 pm EST - and we'll be in touch soon

Uncubed is an exciting recruiting event gathering hiring startups, inspiring entrepreneurs, local creatives and talented candidates. With music, drinks, talks and fun interactions, Uncubed creates a "catch-all" environment of creativity and growth that helps unite great companies with great talent. Uncubed is a produced by Wakefield, the daily email that showcases emerging companies and their hard to find opportunities.
Black Girls Code
BlackGirlsCode is devoted to showing the world that black girls can code, and do so much more. By reaching out to the community through workshops and after school programs, BlackGirlsCode introduces computer coding lessons to young girls from underrepresented communities in programming languages such as Scratch or Ruby on Rails. BlackGirlsCode has set out to prove to the world that girls of every color have the skills to become the programmers of tomorrow. By promoting classes and programs we hope to grow the number of women of color working in technology and give underprivileged girls a chance to become the masters of their technological worlds.
NY Tech Meetup

Founded in 2004 by meetup.com founder Scott Heiferman and co-founded by Dawn Barber, the NY Tech Meetup has over 26,000 members, representing professionals from all parts of the New York technology community.

NYTM centers around its monthly events, where members gather to watch emerging companies demo new ideas, hear leading-edge thinking on technology topics, and build their networks to develop their businesses.

Control Group
Control Group was founded on the core principal that technology should enable, not encumber the user experience. With a team of engineers, developers, designers, system architects, and consultants, we create exceptional user experiences across the spectrum of human and technology touchpoints- from infrastructure to interface to physical space.