Work with GDI

Are you interested in seeing more women and non-binary individuals in technical careers? Do you have a passion for learning and want to share it with others? Do you want a rewarding way to earn money while connecting with others? Consider working a few hours a week with one of our contract postions. 

Please send your resume to for any of these roles. 

Virtual Instructor

As a GDI instructor, you will introduce students to the world of tech, many of whom are learning to code for the first time. GDI’s primary goal is to create comfortable, safe spaces for individuals to learn. While knowledge about content is necessary, patience and encouragement to connect with students about subject matter is paramount. 

Instructors work closely with the GDI team to understand the students’ comfort level and needs in learning new skills offered. Instructors are also the link between students and GDI and are encouraged to share feedback and ideas for new class offerings. GDI’s current class focus is data science, front-end, and technical career support - but if you have ideas, skills, and interests in new areas for tech, we want to hear from you! Hours are flexible - our instructors build their own class schedules. 

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Virtual Teaching Assistant (volunteer role) 

The teaching assistant (TA) role is a volunteer role, which supports the virtual learning experience of all GDI students. As a TA for GDI, you will work with your instructors to identify specific upcoming classes you’re qualified to support based on your familiarity with the technology. TAs are not required or expected to be experts in the curriculum offered. Volunteer TAs serve as an additional support system for GDI students to actively engage in and learn the class material. TAs are expected to be present for the entirety of a class and to help answer questions, surface challenges, and generally support students as they learn.

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Curriculum Internship

GDI is seeking an enthusiastic, creative, and self-directed individual to collect & catalog our virtual curriculum on our online repository.  This person will work with our instructors & training director to compile, update and publish our curriculum on Github.  Ideal candidate can dedicate 5-10 hours week for 3 months.

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Community Coordinator Job Description

GDI is seeking an enthusiastic, creative, and self-directed individual to support our virtual programs by managing our schedule, class postings & supporting our instructional team in executing our classes. Contract/Temporary role. Ideal candidate can dedicate 5-10 hours week.

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