Something For Everyone (including savings)!

This summer, Girl Develop It is offering classes for everyone, no matter your interests, goals, or where you are at in your professional journey. And we're offering them at steep savings! But only two more weeks to take advantage.

If you are waiting for a sign to take the next step, here it is!!

What's on the docket? First, we are offering our first cohort in Augmented Reality. Augmented reality (AR) uses the integration of digital information with the user's environment - as it happens. It's not like Virtual Reality, which creates a completely artificial environment. Instead, AR relies on the real-world environment around the user, and overlays generated information for that user. This experience offers a new environment for users with the same foundation, providing new information to users about the potential for changes and new ideas. It's also an incredibly fun tool to use! Interested in making your own? Join us for this introductory cohort where you will learn to work with Sketchfab, textures, painting and Nodes, understand and implement lighting, banking, and rendering, and add basic animation to a business card. Sign up today using the code July50 to join us at half the price!

This July and August, we are also offering introductory UX courses, including an introduction to Information Architecture and a beginner's class in Service Design. Both classes will prepare you to build quality interfaces that help customers, clients, and others engage with your ideas. (And keep your eyes peeled for more UX courses this fall!)

And incase you've been missing our career courses, we want to make sure you don't miss our next cohort, which kicks off August 4. ExposeHER: Take Control of Your Career is a brand new series with Nicole Calhoun that offers small-group workshops to engage with other women and non-binary adults seeking to take control of their careers with self-confidence and the skills to self-promote. This series will meet weekly and run for six weeks. It will be comprised of individuals who will commit to themselves and to each other to add value, lift each other up, and contribute.  In fact, the series' success is determined not by what the members get but by what the members contribute. For this reason, registration for this cohort will be limited in number; don't wait to sign up!

So whether you are looking to explore ground-breaking tech, build front-end experiences, or create your own path with confidence, we have what you need to get started today! Check out our full schedule and sign up today.