Intro to Version Control: Git, Github, & The Terminal, oh my! (2-day Workshop)

Red Ventures - 1274 Library St., Suite 400 Detroit - View Map Girl Develop It Detroit
Aug 25 - 26, 2018, 1:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

A Jaunt Down Version Control Lane

Know what stinks? Losing a bunch of work because your computer corrupts your files and you have no backups. Know what else stinks? Working with other people on a multi-file project when there’s no good way to organize how you actually work with other people on a multi-file project. If only there were an easier way!

There is! Introducing… Version Control!

Version control allows you to save your documents or software projects at various states and creates stable anchor points to which you can return if anything goes wrong.

Know which the best Version Control system is? Git! Git is a powerful open source (read: Free) tool that has become the gold standard for managing open source as well as many commercial, even enterprise, software projects.

In this workshop we will be learning the basics concepts of version control. We will also be getting our hands dirty with Git and learning the basic necessary commands to initialize, manage, and save repos both locally (on our own computers) and to a remote server.

But wait there’s more! We will also be learning about Github and how it integrates with Git, setting up a Github account for every person in class, and learning to interact with Github to save our work in the cloud and allow for easier collaboration.

Wait a minute, we’re not done yet! Because the most efficient and commonplace way to interact with Git is via the command line, we will touching on some command line basics needed to work Git.

Sessions will take place:

Saturday, August 25 from 1p-5pm

Sunday, August 26 from 1p-5pm

Snacks & drinks will be provided.


Aisha Blake is an Application Developer at Detroit Labs who is deeply involved in tech education and community building. Aisha has taught web development to people of all ages in bootcamps, workshops, and online courses. She serves as a Chapter Leader for Girl Develop It Detroit and co-founder of Detroit Speakers in Tech. She is down for anything as long as there are puppies and/or karaoke involved.


• This will be a comprehensive, hands-on, intermediate-level workshop. At least some development experience is recommended (if you've taken any of our other workshops - you're ready to go).

If you've tried to learn Git before, but never quite figured it out - this event is also for you! We'll be diving deep and working with teams to simulate a real-world git workflow.

• We will email instructions on where to find and install Git, and we will also verify that everyone’s git install is working correctly during the course of the workshop. We will also email instructions for getting a Github account.

• The command line tools we will be using for interacting with Git will be of the UNIX / Linux / OSX flavor, but Git for Windows provides a Unix-like console which will work on Windows with the terminal commands we will be using.

• Extra note for anyone who wants to participate but has an older Mac: Git for Mac only works for OSX version 10.7+ There are installs for older versions but I have not personally tested them out, if you want to be a guinea pig, feel free to sign up!


Red Ventures (we know, the map says Bankrate!)

1274 Library St. Suite 400

Detroit, MI 48226

NOTE: We are offering scholarships on a limited basis for students with financial need. Please complete our scholarship application ( if you are interested. You should be sure to check your email as recipients must confirm their attendance before being added to the workshop.


Please bring your laptop and charger to class. Power strips & Wi-Fi will be provided. Don't have a laptop? For this workshop only, we can open up a few spots for folks without laptops, but please email to confirm.


We're here to help! If you have additional questions or would like to talk further before signing up for a class, please contact us (


August 25 - 26
1:00 PM (EDT)


Red Ventures
1274 Library St., Suite 400 Detroit