Android 101: Build an app from start to finish

AOL Patch Labs - 675 Avenue of the Americas, Floor 3 New York - View Map Girl Develop It NYC
Mon, Oct 15, 2012, 7:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

This class has no prerequisites and is designed for people who have little or no programming experience.

Learn the basics of Android development! In a world where over half of cell phone owners have a smartphone and the Android OS has the largest market share, learning about mobile application development will soon be just as vital as learning HTML and CSS. Get ahead of the game and learn the core skills for Android development with Girl Develop It! We will be building one app from beginning to end, learning how to create the layouts, buttons, and text fields to interact with, use the camera, and save information to use later.

If you have an Android device and want to test on it, feel free to bring it with the USB charger it came with. If you don't have a device, come and learn how to use an on screen emulator (a technique that every Android developer uses).

This section meets for 4 class sessions from Oct 15 to Nov 5:

Session 1: Intro to Android and Java -  Monday, Oct 15 - 7pm to 9pm
Session 2: More Android and using the camera - Monday, Oct 22 - 7pm to 9pm
Session 3: Saving and displaying data - Monday, Oct 29 - 7pm to 9pm
Session 4: Putting it all together - Monday, Nov 5 - 7pm to 9pm

Covering the following topics:

Session 1: Intro to Android and Java

This session will teach you the fundamentals of the Java language. Java is the language that Android uses to build application. We will learn the basics of Java and a way of programming known as Object Oriented Programming. We will also build the very beginning of our Android application by creating a screen that a user can interact with.

Session 2: Android--a friendly handheld robot

We will delve deeper into Android development and create a page for users to take pictures and add titles and descriptions. By the end of the course, we will know the fundamental of layouts, buttons, and textfields. We will also learn how to access the hardware and software of the Android phone's camera.

Session 3: Saving and displaying data

We will build our first "Object model", a core of object oriented programming. This will allow us to save images and create a list of all the images we have taken with our application. We will begin to learn how to save data in the application and retrieve it when we reopen the application, critical skills if you ever want to build a game that remembers the level you left the game on.

Session 4: Putting it all together

By this time, we will have covered many of the basics of Android development and almost have a fully working app! We are going to go deeper into each of the topics covered before and make an even more powerful. Building and rebuilding is a great practice in development that helps you build more quickly.


About the Teacher

Izzy Johnston is the CTO of Girl Develop It. She also teaches adjunct technology development classes and workshops at Pratt Institute. She has over 8 years of instructional experience in software and languages and over 15 years of coding experience. She is well versed in HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, Javascript, Java, Objective C, C++, iOS, and Android OS.



Monday, Oct 15
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (EDT)


AOL Patch Labs
675 Avenue of the Americas, Floor 3 New York