Intermediate HTML & CSS

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Tue, May 12, 2015, 7:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Take the next step towards learning how to code beautiful and responsive websites! We just hosted a course on Intro to HTML & CSS in March, and this will follow up on that with some more modern applications. We will be covering HTML5 & CSS3, as well as how to use media queries and other techniques for creating responsive web sites.


We suggest already having a working knowledge of HTML and CSS as a pre-requisite for this course; likewise, this is for folks who've already taken our Intro to HTML and CSS course or have played with the syntax/language prior to the class.

There are many resources to learn HTML online, including this free course from Code Academy.

Recommended: Sublime Text 2 text editor (a free download). If you currently use a different text editor like TextWrangler, feel free to stick to that. Note: Word processing software like Pages or Microsoft Word will not work for programming!

Sublime Text 2:

This 4-class course runs on the following schedule:

Class 1, HTML & CSS Review/Intro to HTML5: Tuesday, May 12, 7-9pm

Class 2, Intro to CSS3: Wednesday, May 13, 7-9pm

Class 3, Advances in HTML5: Tuesday, May 19 , 7-9pm

Class 4, Intro to Responsive Design & Compatibility: Wednesday, May 20th, 7-9pm

Note: When you register, you MUST provide your first and last name for security at DBC. 

About the teacher:

"Language is important to me. I spent 8 years as a speech therapist dedicated to improving communication - and then I found the language of code. The intricacies of coding and its infinite reach through technology drew me firmly into the world of web development, and now my love of language extends to Ruby and JavaScript. Improving communication remains important to me, but the tools I use to do so have changed."

Corey is a teaching assistant for DBC and Codecademy / ReskillUSA.

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Tuesday, May 12
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EDT)


Dev BootCamp NYC
48 Wall St., 15th Floor New York