Intro to Git and GitHub

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Wed, Mar 16, 2016, 7:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

This 2 part Intro to Git and GitHub course runs Wednesday, March 16th (install and setup) AND Thursday, March 17th. Your attendance is expected at both classes in order to participate. The class time will be from 7-9pm each evening.

Ever make changes that broke your code and forgot how your code worked before? Want to work with someone on a code project, but aren't sure who has the latest version of a particular file? Version control can solve these problems and more! 

Git is a popular version control application that can track your code changes, as well as help you to be more methodical in your programming. Win win! This session will introduce the basics of version control, how to use git to keep track of your changes to a project, and using GitHub (a hosting service) to collaborate with other developers.

We will start the class by setting up your GitHub account and configuring git on your machine. We will then go through a lecture followed by exercises to help you become a git pro! 

The lecture will cover:

• the basic concepts of version control

• the differences between git and other version control applications

• fundamental git commands to track changes to a small project

• the basics of collaborating on code with other developers in a professional environment

• how to use GitHub 

Want to try git for yourself? Github has a 15-minute tutorial you can go through on your own here

*Please install Sublime Text 2 prior to coming to class. If you have another text editor (Atom, Brackets, etc), feel free to use that instead. Problems installing Sublime? Don't worry about it, we'll help you at the beginning of the workshop.

This class will not use actual code when committing to a GitHub repository, so no need to worry about knowing a particular programming language. A willingness to use the command line is necessary; we will be changing directories, listing directory contents, and using git from the command line throughout the class. You should bring your own computer to class and have administrative privileges for installing software. Also, don't forget to bring your power supply. 

Note: The $30 workshop fee covers both evenings.

About Your Instructor Mae Capozzi:
After graduating with an English major, Mae decided to learn to code. She strives to write clean, maintainable code and secretly loves fixing merge conflicts. When she's not coding, she's writing or playing music.


Wednesday, Mar 16
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EDT)


Postlight's office
902 Broadway, 8th Floor New York