Intro to Making w/Hardware: Arduino + Temboo

Startup Institute - We Work | 10th Floor - 25 Broadway New York, NY 10004 - View Map Girl Develop It NYC
Thu, Aug 7, 2014, 7:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

This is our very first Maker event! The workshop will be a quick chance to learn more about designing for hardware.

The teachers will provide an introduction to Arduino, the Temboo Device Coder, and the Internet of Things, followed by a chance to hack through a project of your own.

The workshop is 3 hours, priced at $35.00 (mostly to cover the cost of hardware).

We'll provide the space, the testing hardware, and a fun curriculum. Bring your laptop and join us!

The workshop will include:

• Making an Arduino send text messages and tweets 

• Controlling LEDs on the board with your phone's keypad

• Making the hardware log sensor data and send emails 

• Insert your awesome ideas here

Note that this class is designed for all levels of experience so be sure to include how familiar you are with IoT in your bio--we only expect you to know what an Arduino is and to have a semblance of programming knowledge in general. If you want to pre-meditate what you want your hardware do, check out this library of compatible APIs and play around with ideas. If you still have none, that's okay--we have plenty!

About The Teachers:

Natalia Rodriguez has a background in tech journalism, programming, and social media. She is also the founder of the "Real People Real Beauty Campaign," a movement for positive body image. She resides in the Maker colony of the Nerdette Queendom.


natalia.latoty at gmail dot com

Claire Mitchell is an Experience Designer at Temboo headquarters in Tribeca, New York. Her specialties include Creative Direction and Interactive Design--she earned a Masters form NYU ITP after studying Philosophy as an undergraduate. In her spare time, this nerdette also enjoys drumming and a fine evening of standup comedy.

cm at sub-context dot com


Thursday, Aug 7
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM (EDT)


Startup Institute - We Work | 10th Floor
25 Broadway New York, NY 10004