Learn To Debug Your Code with Chrome Dev Tools

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Thu, Jun 9, 2016, 7:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Chrome’s Developer Tools (or Dev Tools for short) are invaluable, yet often underutilized, resources for web developers of all skill levels. 

Learning how to master them will ramp up your skill set and help you become a better developer in a number of ways-- you’ll become familiar with how the browser renders DOM elements, you’ll figure how to uncover inefficiencies in your code, and you’ll speed up your debugging process so that you can quickly find what’s wrong when your code isn’t working as expected. 

This workshop will start with the basics and move through to advanced features so that students leave with an understanding of how and why they’d want to use each panel in DevTools.

We’ll cover the following: 

• Customizing settings 
• Inspecting and editing HTML + CSS in the Elements panel 
• Viewing project directory files in the Resources panel 
• Analyzing server requests in the Networks panel 
• Performing code tests in the Audits panel 
• Viewing error logs in the Console 
• Using Device Emulation to debug touch events on desktop 
• Stepping through breakpoints to debug JavaScript in the Sources panel 
• And more! 

Students should have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS. Familiarity with jQuery and JavaScript will be beneficial, but it is not required. Please bring a laptop with a text editor (Sublime Text 2 is recommended) and Chrome installed. 

Interested in TA-ing or being a volunteer? Fill out this form and the organizer will contact you!

About your instructor Mae Capozzi: 

After graduating with an English major, Mae decided to learn to code. She strives to write clean, maintainable code and secretly loves fixing merge conflicts. When she's not coding, she's writing or playing music.


Thursday, Jun 9
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM (EDT)


10 East 34th Street 2nd Floor New York