PHP for Beginners

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Mon, May 19, 2014, 7:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

PHP was one of the first and still is the most popular language on the web for building dynamic websites without having to compile code. As a server side language, PHP allows authors to retrieve data from any database, manipulate it and display it on the web, enabling users to interact with it. To date, PHP powers millions of websites including Facebook, Etsy and the most popular CMS applications, like Wordpress and Drupal. If you have previously taken a PHP course with us, this will be slightly expanding on those concepts, but not departing too drastically from our standards curriculum :).

This course is an introduction to PHP and how it interacts with web servers. Students can expect a syntax and, server-side concepts, and an overview of MySQL.

This is a 4 week course. The fee of $90 covers all 4 weeks. 


Week 1: Monday, May 19th, 7-9pm | Intro to PHP

Week 2: Monday, May 26th, 7-9pm | Decisions and Syntax

Week 3: Monday, June 2nd, 7-9pm | Forms!

Week 4: Monday, June 9nd, 7-9pm | Email with PHP


About the teacher

Leo Newball, Jr. is a web developer, designer, and data geek on a mission to empower my clients to achieve their dreams through technology. 
I started building websites in 1995, when domain names cost just $35 and everyone’s favorite search engine was Yahoo!. 15 years later and couple executive staff jobs later, I now use my development, design, and data skills to create dynamic websites for a wide variety of clients in fields like film, tech and non-profit organizations. My current favorite platforms and languages are HTML 5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.

Software Required For This Class

For this class, you will need the following items:

A text editor - popular and free ones are 
- TextWrangler (OSX - Free) 
- Sublime Text (OSX / Windows - Free to try) 
- Notepad++ (Windows - Free)

A web server environment (Choose One) 
- For Mac/OSX - MAMP (
- For Windows - WAMP (
- If either doesn't work, try XAAMP (


You can grab the materials from this link: <a href="">


Monday, May 19
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EDT)


Dev BootCamp NYC
48 Wall St., 15th Floor New York