Intro to JavaScript: Control Flows & Arrays

Galvanize - 44 Tehama Street (between 2nd/howard) San Francisco - View Map Girl Develop It San Francisco
Tue, Sep 11, 2018, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

JavaScript is the programming language that makes web pages interactive. It is also used to make servers, robots, and more! That makes it one of the most useful first languages to learn.

This is lesson 2 in the Intro to JS course. We highly recommend taking the entire course series:
• Intro to JS: Variables & Functions -
• Intro to JS: Control Flows & Arrays -
• Intro to JS: Objects -

We will cover:
• If, if/else, if/else if/else
• Comparison and logical operators
• Truthy vs falsey
• While and for loops
• Arrays


• Basic HTML & CSS
• Understanding of variables and functions


• Your laptop (Mac, PC, Linux) and charger
• A modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
• A text editor - we recommend either Sublime Text 2 or Atom (both free)

If you do not have a laptop, please contact the instructors. We have a limited number of Chromebooks for students to borrow.



Payment is required to attend. If you'd like to attend but cannot afford the cost, click here to request a scholarship ( Due to the number of applications, only the scholarship recipients will receive an email a few days before the workshop. Thank you for your understanding!



Samantha Paras is a full stack software engineer. In particular she loves the user-facing, visual aspect of technology. She is a first-generation college graduate, having studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley. She has previously worked at Pixar and Box and is currently an engineering manager at DataFox. Outside of work you can find her finding excuses to eat ice cream and rooting for the SF Giants.


Tuesday, Sep 11
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (PDT)


44 Tehama Street (between 2nd/howard) San Francisco