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No matter what your role, if you are a decision maker today in any company, there is likely an expectation that you are able to understand and make decisions on technology. This often looks like an operational need, such as, a Director of Finance who is being asked to review proposals for cloud service providers or a HR Director working with a vendor to make decisions on learning management systems.

However, it also impacts strategic decisions as it is clear that companies can harness technology not only to lower costs and drive value but also position themselves better for new opportunities and growth. This strategic need is on every executive's plate.

This course is designed to provide executives from any field with the knowledge & tools to provide strategic support to their company. This unique session will be taught by industry leaders and will include the following topics:

2022 Class Schedule:

Monday, August 1st:

Tuesday August 2nd:

Wednesday August 3rd:

Thursday August 4th:

Friday August 5th:

Lectures are sold individually, but you must attend the full series to access the networking & talks. 

 Full class costs $750.  (Attendance is included in a GDI Personalized Memberships - and is discounted 75% to GDI Members and Scholars)  Learn more about membership here. 

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