Over the past decade GDI has engaged over 100,000 women and non-binary adults in our programs and events. Since going virtual in 2020, we have engaged an additional 5,000.

We reject stereotypes; never assume women aren't interested

We reject stereotypes

Girl Develop it lowers barriers to participate

We remove barriers to entry

Our participants are diverse

We cultivate an inclusive environment

“The content is very rich with great materials and the instructor did a wonderful job, by breaking down the content into small tasks. Awesome practical challenges and exercises.”


GDI is a national nonprofit organization that creates welcoming, supportive opportunities for women and non-binary adults to learn software development skills.


We envision a world where all people are included and empowered in developing the future of technology.


We are committed to making sure people of all races, education levels, income and upbringing can build confidence in their skill set to develop web and mobile applications. Our goal is to provide powerful hands-on programs in software development and create basic to advanced web and mobile applications.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Through the lens of diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging, GDI pursues its mission with the aim to provide high quality and accessible training opportunities in a welcoming and supportive learning environment.

We believe that women & non-binary adults have been left out of technology education for no good reason!

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Program Model

All of our programs are offered virtually. There are four models to choose from.

  • Live Workshops
    these are instructor led courses that cover technical and/or career topics. We offer both short (two hour) and deeper dive classes (12 hours) and all of our classes are designed to be hands-on and interactive.
  • Hybrid Workshops
    These courses are a mix of pre-recorded content with live labs and office hours. The courses offer flexibility and self-paced learning combined with the support and guidance of our instructors.
  • Independent Study
    Members work with an instructor 1:1 on a portfolio project or through a difficult technical skill.
  • Events
    Unique learning and networking opportunities for our members. Events include hackathons, networking events, career fairs and other unique programming.


We welcome anyone to our programs and events as long as they are willing to abide by our code of conduct. Anyone is welcome to attend our free events and pay-as-you-go for our classes. For individuals interested in taking multiple classes and connecting further with our instructors and community we encourage them to explore our paid membership plans.

Our participants have diverse backgrounds, and come from all over the United States. Over 60% of our members are employed full-time and a third are employed in the technology industry.

Have participated since 2011
participants employeed full-time
Average age of participants

Our Story

GDI started as a call to action for those who were tired of the low representation of women & non-binary adults in tech, and wanted to make a difference. The organization was founded in New York City in 2010 and launched with a single introductory web development class that sold out in 24 hours. Since then, we have been offering classes throughout the United States and have served over 100,000 women & non-binary adults.

Since 2020, we have taken our programs virtually and have hosted over 150 virtual classes and events. We welcome everyone to our classes & events and have designed a range of opportunities designed to welcome new learners as well as support seasoned technologists looking to refresh and skill up.