Community and Accessibility Increases During Difficult Times

In 2020, GDI pivoted in-person programming to a virtual model to best serve our community. We quickly realized we could increase and improve accessibility challenges, increase class offerings, lower costs and grow our vibrant community.

How we've grown from 2020 to 2021
Class registrations more than
doubled from 2093 to 4899
Class attendees
over the last two years
Classes attended
compared to 1045 in 2020
virtual classes on zoom
102 Virtual classes held
compared to 55 in 2020
278 instructional hours
278 Instructional hours
over the last two years
100 scholarships
100 Scholarships given
over the past two years
GDI's first Hackathon

The event was three days of workshops, talks and teamwork. It also included a week of pre-event workshops designed to prepare new attendees. 86% of participants were newbies, participating in their first ever hackathon.

3 days
3 Days
475 participants
475 Participants
team of women working together
17 Teams
“This was my first hackathon and after listening, collaborating, networking, and building—I now recognize that I can be successful within this field. Thank you for your commitment to creating spaces of inclusivity, and empowerment for those of us living on the periphery—y’all rock.”