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GDI rejects the stereotypes that women and non-binary individuals aren’t interested in technology and that people can’t learn tech as adults. GDI chooses to focus on affordable education services for adults who might otherwise be unable to access tech classes, letting them know it’s never too late for them to learn. We are raising $7,200 before May to provide 10 more scholarships in 2023. Please make a donation today and support our scholarships.
Our Community

Over the past decade GDI has engaged over 100,000 women and non-binary adults in our programs and events. Since we have gone virtual in 2020, we have engaged 5,000 more. Some of our members already work in the technology sector, but even more are looking to break in. Many of our members currently work in the education and nonprofit sectors.

Have participated since 2011
are looking to break into tech
Average age of participants
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icon of a woman
identify as female
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work in tech
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have a bachelor's degree or higher
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When we asked participants...

How did GDI's program impacted you?

The top responses were:

  • I gained more confidence in my technical skills
  • I feel like I became a member of a community
  • I expanded my professional network

Did you become engaged in other activities as a result of GDI?

The top responses were:

  • 45% became engaged in other Tech events and Meet ups.
  • 19% mentored or taught others
  • 12% attended a hackathon

Why are you interested in GDI

The top responses were:

  • I want to network and connect with others in tech
  • I want to take classes and work towards a career change
  • I am a current developer interested in learning other languages and advancing my skills.
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