Hackathon Showcase

The 2022 Virtual Hackathon was held on Wednesday November 16th - Saturday November 19th.  We had over 550 adults join us for the four day event, over 80% of our attendees were first time hackathon attendees!  The teams, many who did not know each other before the event, formed into twenty teams and spend the four day creating unique projects.  Many of the projects focused on health based tools, although attendees were told to create whatever inspired them.  

All of the teams completed a and presented a project by day 4!  The judges did pick several winners of the event, but all of the projects were incredbile.  We will showcase all of the project here an encourage you to visit the projects and review this amazing body of work!

 (This is a partial list of the project links, we will be adding more regularly.  If you want to submit your link please email programs@girldevelopit.com


🏆 First Place Winners: iSoothe

An app that helps people through the process while having an attack

Check out the project.. 

🏆🏆Second Place Winners: 

Strolls (Walking Adventure) 

An App for your neighborhood walk! Search up your neighborhood, and discover secret spots shared by your community members!

Check out the project.. https://strolls.netlify.app/

🏆🏆🏆Third Place Winners: Green Smile

A "game" where you write something positive in the app daily, and it plants a cute little plant. Basically, a gratitude journal/keeper

Crowd Favorite  (Voted by Peers)  Clinical Behavior App

Cross platform app (react native) to track behaviors for teachers and clinicians , improve upon design of existing apps, add backend, data viz

Spirit of GDI: Note to Chef (Recipe App)

The Recipe App makes adjusting for dietary accommodations simply by allowing users to select their restrictions and populate a curated list of 10 relevant recipes.

Check out the project here.. https://www.notetochef-gdihackathon22.com/

Best Theme Project: ASD Womxn Empowerment App

Daily inspiration from autistic creators, professionals, and advocates

Judges’ Favorite: BIPOC Wellness App

App that will list therapists and medical doctors according to where you live. 

Check out the project.. https://bipoc-wd.netlify.app/

On My Phone Tmrw: ShyDevs

An app that provides challenges for people looking to be more social

TeamWork: Vaccine Record Tracker

App to track family vaccination records

Most Creative: ADHD Focus Tracker 

App to track productivity sessions and habits and reflect on what helped your productivity.

Most Creative: Borrowing Money App

An app that tracks money that is borrowed by friends and family, will be talked out further





A web app that provides users with information and a demo video of the yoga pose of the day, as well as the option to search all the poses

Check out the project here.. https://tmflower.github.io/yoga2go


EatGram is a social media platform where different types of eaters can learn, network, follow a diet plan, and watch food-related videos.

Check out the project here.. https://eatgram.vercel.app/

City Slickers

Will help neighbors track what the city is doing in their area

Check out the project here.. https://cityneighborhoodproject.netlify.app/


App with a daily check-in/quick quiz about how you’re feeling mentally and physically. Each check-in is scored and assigned a color which will display a graph for a visual representation of it.

Covid Care App

Designed like a workout tracker app, but you track your Covid symptoms and to connect you with specialized doctors who are in your area and work in these specific areas


App to track how many days gone without smoking, log how they are feeling, facts etc on how their health is improving over time, how much money has been saved by not smoking

Weather We Come

Compare daily weather highs over several years - understand patterns to use for variety of uses

Bring Present

A web app that allows users to log how they were present with themselves on a given day. Encourages users to practice being present and reduce stress by encouraging journaling, reading, walks, and other relaxing activities.


Ideas for an app to decide what juice to make based on what you have on hand and what you want to focus on for health

Check out the project here.. https://reliable-selkie-42a0dc.netlify.app/