Boosting Good: The Magic of Virtual Volunteering

In the ever-evolving landscape post-pandemic, where challenges abound, there emerges a transformative gift—virtual engagement. For GDI, this shift has brought about a remarkable opportunity to harness the power of virtual employee volunteers, paving the way for innovative and empowering experiences. Companies, once confined to day-long events, can now seamlessly engage their remote workforce in volunteering opportunities, fostering a sense of community engagement, fulfillment, and appreciation.

At GDI, we feel incredibly fortunate to have partnered with companies that embrace virtual volunteering and have helped shape powerful opportunities for our members this year. These creative, outside-the-box experiences not only benefit our community members, who look up to our community partners as influential leaders of tech, but also provides us with the opportunity to showcase what makes our company so special, and that is our community.

Here are just some of the ways we have engaged partners in volunteering opportunities with great success this year:

Partners have recruited amazing top talent to teach GDI classes. Some have volunteered to teach our existing curriculum, but many have brought their own lessons and experiences to offer new and cutting-edge classes, like “BlockChain for Cyber Security” to our community.

Mentorship opportunities have flourished, with volunteers supporting Hackathon Teams and providing individual career guidance. One mentee even broke through a salary limit, all thanks to a transformative mentor session with a GDI volunteer.

GDI's regular Career Fairs, Hiring events, and LinkedIn Bootcamps owe their success to our amazing partner organizations, whose employees volunteer their time and expertise. These short but impactful engagements, where volunteers offer a range of opportunities, like reviewing resumes and helping to update LinkedIn accounts, leave a lasting imprint on our community members.

Looking Ahead:
As we step into the new year, the possibilities for virtual employee volunteerism are boundless. We are excited about expanding opportunities, fostering creativity, and opening new realms of learning for our members and partners alike. We invite you to connect with us, share your partnership ideas, and embark on a journey of shared experiences and insights that can truly change lives.

In the world of virtual employee volunteerism, together, we elevate impact and create lasting change. Connect with us today!