Crack the Code: Demystifying UX Design and Why It Matters

When most people get started in software development, it’s easy to overlook the value of User Experience, or UX. You might think that learning how to create an engaging, beautiful platform that people enjoy using is not as important as the backend code. But, we’re here to tell you that understanding and being comfortable with User Experience can make or break the success of your platform. Here’s why learning UX isn’t just for fun, but is a necessary part of creating a product people will use:  

First, no matter how brilliant your software is, how many features it offers, or how robust your code is, if people can’t easily use your platform, they’re not going to visit your site. Don’t underestimate how much traffic you’ll lose if users don’t find your software to be intuitive, easy to use, and ultimately enjoyable.

Second, a good reputation goes a long way with users. If your software application is easy to use and people enjoy using it, they’re more likely to use your site repeatedly and recommend it to others, helping to build a loyal (and consistent!) user base.

Lastly, strong UX not only serves the users; it helps developers with improvement and innovation in the tech field. With strong UX, developers can gain insights, understand pain-points, and develop innovative solutions for users. This drives creative change in the industry and opens opportunities for long-lasting solutions that address the needs of an even broader audience.

The User Experience will always be critical to the success of your software development. To ensure you have the skills (or are up-to-date with your knowledge), we invite you to join our four-course series on UX.  The series starts this Saturday (Feb. 17) and covers everything you need from designing and sketching to wireframes.

You’re encouraged to join us for the full series or sign up for the class you find most relevant to your needs and goals. Here are the details:

UNDERSTAND AND DISCOVER: Saturday, February 17
2p - 4p ET / 11a - 1p PT

Deep dive into
the heart of design as we explore problem-solving, hypothesis formulation, and solution statements.

STRATEGIZE: Saturday, February 24
2p - 3p ET / 11a - 12p PT

Craft a solid foundation for your designs by defining information architecture and understanding its pivotal role. 

2p - 3p ET / 11a - 12p PT
into the world of interface elements, design patterns, and navigational systems.

WIREFRAMES: Saturday, March 9
2p - 3p ET / 11a - 12p PT
Demystify the concept of wireframes and their significance in the design process.

Sign up for the full series here.

We hope you’ll join us for an exciting journey to master UX principles and enhance your software development skills for universal usability and enjoyment.