Five Reasons There's Still Time to Get the Perfect Holiday Gift!

As if the holidays aren't stressful enough, finding the right gift to share with someone special in your life with only 10 days left in the year can feel downright impossible! Don't worry, we've got exactly what you need to share something thoughtful, personal, and that could very well change their life. And you still have plenty of time to buy it before the year ends!

What is this 'perfect' gift? A year-long subscription to all GDI courses, events, hackathons, and conferences for half the price!  When you purchase our GDI Gift Pass for just $120, your special someone gets all-access to every event and activity GDI offers for half the price! 

That means, they can join learning cohorts to develop their expertise in a new programming language; or practice their frameworks with a mentor, or join our 150+ classes in tech and career and only have to pay 50% of the cost, all thanks to your award-winning holiday present (congrats!). So, why is this gift so special? Let us count the ways...

1. Freedom to choose. Individuals can choose from over 100 courses, events, and hands-on exercises with professionals in their areas of expertise to participate in learning opportunities that not only fit their interests, but are also tailored to their experience, time, and budget.

2. They create their learning pathway.  Individuals with access to our membership are paired with GDI staff for a personal consultation to evaluate their experience, education, and goals. Together, GDI works with individuals to identify courses, events, and mentors who can help them throughout their learning journey to finding their dream job. When you gift someone this opportunity, they develop a learning pathway that suits them and pay only half the price!

3. They build a community. When they join GDI's classes, they're not just viewing a lecture in isolation. They are connected to hundreds of women and non-binary individuals from around the world who want to offer support, ideas, mentorship, and friendship. It's a community of trust, camaraderie, and excitement in learning that keeps them connected well beyond the classes and cohorts.  

4. They develop confidence. Building confidence in our members is our number one priority. We know that the tech field can be intimidating and it's easy to feel like an outsider. At GDI, we prioritize creating safe spaces of comfort, grace, and familiarity so that those who join our classes and events feel like they belong and feel empowered and supported to learn.

5. They have the tools and skills to land their dream job. Our goal is to be a welcoming space where people can develop the skills they need (and gain the confidence they deserve!) to land the job of their dreams. With GDI, individuals have access to classes for learning, a community for support, and a network of career mentors that can guide them to finding the best opportunities.

Share our GDI GIFT PASS and give them the gift of opportunity this year. 

Gifting your loved one the chance to participate in all of GDI's classes, events, conferences, hackathons, and more is gifting them the opportunity to develop code, confidence, and community at a pace and a price that is attainable. It's the gift of opportunity, with plenty of time to share before the holidays. Click here to learn more about our gifting options and 1/2 off class access.