Instructor Spotlight: Anne Katzeff

When it comes to teaching, Anne Katzeff has a well-seasoned zest that comes from a lifetime of combining education with fine art, technology, and design. With certifications in graphic design and teaching, along with a BA in sociology, Anne pursued her passion for arts, education, and tech during the early age of computers. At the start of her career, she became proficient in early typesetting systems while at Cambridge Prepress; from there, she refined her expertise using state-of-the-art systems like the Atex machine, then IBM-compatible PCs. It was during this time, before the boom of Mac computers in every corner of the universe, where she honed in on her expertise in complex formatting and basic programming. 

And she never looked back; always hungry to keep exploring new systems, learning, and designing.

When she landed her first job as a graphic designer, she discovered pioneer programs like Quark Xpress and Aldus Freehand, sending clients their mockups with a dial-up modem. Her work has evolved to include educational publishing, corporate communications, and nonprofit work; though now, she loves to use advanced programs like Chrome Developer, Visual Studio Code, and Github Desktop when building and customizing websites. These are the programs she uses in her current business, ASK Design, which designs custom websites for small businesses, nonprofits, and artists.

Anne will channel her love of technology and design in her classes this fall for GDI, offering specialized courses in WordPress in September and October. She will lead two introductory overview classes, Introduction to WordPress, on September 14th and 29th. These introductory courses will be followed by a deep-dive series, WordPress Essentials, two consecutive Saturdays in October. You can find her classes and more learning opportunities in website development on our website,

Be sure to mark your calendars and sign up early for Anne’s classes; they are sure to be lively, entertaining, fun, and informative. Anne’s zest for teaching and learning through art is captured by her words to live by: “Follow your passion. Go where your interests and inspirations are. When you are happy, everything falls into place. Be your authentic, amazing self!”