Instructor Spotlight: Nicole Calhoun

The first half of 2021 has been an incredible learning opportunity for GDI. As all of our classes and events are offered virtually, we have been able to discover new ways to engage, including new instructors and teaching platforms.  With these changes, we’ve been able to successfully teach, build experience, and form meaningful connections. We are excited about the constant evolution of GDI and are thrilled to introduce instructors – new and old – to you as we share empowering new courses this fall.

Kicking off our spotlight series is a familiar face with powerful professional development courses: Nicole Calhoun. Nicole is the owner and CEO of SC Calhoun Coaching and Consulting. For us, she has shared her expertise in leadership and personal development training and coaching.

But this isn’t where she started. Nicole was on the fast track to a career in pediatrics with no plans to enter the tech space. Midway through college, she realized that medicine wasn’t a good fit and by chance, landed in her first programming class.

And she fell in love with it.

“I loved the analytical and problem-solving aspect. I decided to major in Management Information System and three years later I found myself working full-time as a COBOL (yes, COBOL) programmer and stayed there for 20 years!”

In her role as a professional trainer now, she is committed to sharing personal development, leadership, and teaching communication skills to women in technology fields. “There is such an emphasis on staying up-to-date on technical skills, but there are other skills needed to be successful as a technologist. This was something I didn’t learn until later in my career,” she says. Now, these skills are the foundation of her work with GDI.

As a coach, Nicole emphasizes that “you are the driver of your career.” In her upcoming courses at GDI, “8 Reasons Why You're Stuck: A GDI Lunch & Learn and the “Seven-Week Women Leadership Learning Circle” she will support and empower GDI scholars to build confidence, communication, and community to advance their careers. These courses will focus on the tools needed to strategize and achieve success.

“Don’t assume your managers and supervisors know your career goals and don’t make them guess. Be very clear about the direction you’d like for your career.”

Join Nicole’s exciting courses to gain the tools and confidence to achieve professional growth and the career of your dreams. 

Nicole’s courses kick off in September and are available for registration on our website now: