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More Than Just A Learning Circle: How This Mastermind Can Change Your Life

You've taken all the classes, gotten the certificates, bought the fancy equipment... and you're still not feeling ready to job search or find a mentor.

Sound familiar? You're not alone.

Taking your experience from education to, well, experience is hard. But at GDI we firmly believe that with the support of informed, empowered individuals who understand your path and can provide advice, help, and guidance, can bridge the gap between frozen-in-fear and achieving your dreams.

This is why GDI is proud to take our Leadership Learning Circles to the next level with our Mastermind Concept, hosted by Nicole Calhoun. The first cohort in our Career Conversations chapter of 2022, this six-session virtual mastermind will explore the influence your environment has on your success by surrounding yourself with a group of like-minded, growth-oriented successful women in leadership. 

So, what is a Mastermind?

The Mastermind Group is a process made famous in the 1930s by author Napoleon Hill who spent 20 years interviewing and meeting 25,000 people to discuss the principles of success, achievement, and personal growth. Five hundred of those people were the most recognized leaders, innovators, and creators of their time, names like Rockefeller, Edison, and Ford. Hill identified 13 principles to the secret of achievement, and one of those was the mastermind. A group of intentional, like-minded people all come with a common purpose to themselves and each other. The common purpose to themselves is whatever their life purpose, vision, and goals are. The common purpose to each other is to add value, lift each other up, and contribute. In fact, the meetings' success is determined not by what the members get but by what the members contribute.

GDI's Mastermind will leave you with: 

  -   A personal development plan to help them move in the direction of their goals.

  -   Practical and life-long growth principles.

  -   A network of other technology professionals.

This class will be led by Nicole Calhoun, a certified John Maxwell Team trainer and coach. Nicole is a high-energy and results-oriented professional with 25 years of corporate and technology experience. She delivers value-added leadership and personal development content through inspiring, engaging, and exciting sessions. Nicole’s technical experience includes enterprise-level technology systems with such roles as Software Engineering, Business Systems Analysis, Project Management, and Technology Risk & Controls. Her industry knowledge includes Financial Services, Merchant Services, Retirement Services, Payroll Processing, Manufacturing and Automotive. Nicole’s work experience includes companies like: JP Morgan Chase & Co., General Motors, Delphi, Detroit Diesel, National Steel Corporation and Electronic Data Systems (now DXC).

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