3 Reasons to Join Our Celebration of Women & Non-Binary Adults in Tech

It's Women's History Month! And yes, we celebrate, empower, and uplift women year-round at GDI; but this month offers us dedicated time to connect with our community. Learning from women and non-binary experts in the tech field is fundamental to our mission, but the community that is built around this work – with the shared goal of creating an inclusive, diverse tech field – is what sets GDI apart.

Join our celebration of women in tech this month to get more involved in the core of our mission. Here are three benefits to joining us:

1. The community you'll connect with.

2. The confidence and self-advocacy skills you'll acquire. 

3. The knowledge and new skills you'll gain. 

This is what we are celebrating this month.

On March 23, GDI hosted four women tech engineers with various experiences and backgrounds from across the US to participate in a panel discussion about mentorship. The overarching theme, even more prevalent than the why-and-how of having a professional mentor, was the friendships, trust, and camaraderie created through the mentor partnership. The panelists shared that the greatest gifts their mentors gave them was to instill the confidence and self-advocacy skills needed to be a successful woman in tech.  

“Women in tech have been inspirational to me - especially my mentors - because they help me continuously get better. They encourage me to get better as an engineer and to expect my team to treat me fairly and equally. They give me the confidence to stand up and demand respect for myself.”
 – Nikki P.

“What I’ve learned from the women who inspire me in tech is how to advocate for myself. I am so motivated when I see these women who do not settle for anything but being treated as equal and valued for her intelligence. I would like to be more like her in this way.”
– Leah R.

“I’m so inspired by women who view the world as having every door open for them; they inspire me to believe in myself and push me to achieve my potential. When I get scared or question why I should be taking new steps in my career, they say: ‘why not?’”
- Cydnee O.

We have five panel discussions and a number of classes promoting career opportunities, community, and advancement for women in tech still available to join this month. We invite you to create your own connections and participate in our community of empowerment and confidence-building. Check out our calendar of events to see what’s next.