Wondering if Frontend Projects Are For You? Click Here! (And the answer is YES!)

You've taken the courses, you've joined the groups, and you've dabbled in creating small projects, but you're still not sure you're ready for what's next in your career. We get it. Now put the tutorials down and jump in with us! Our 4-week Frontend Projects Cohort is designed to get you coding. No lectures! No slides! Just BUILDING THINGS! And our instructors will support and guide you along the way, including providing reviews and feedback on your projects at the end of our time together. 

This is an easy, fun way to explore ways to advance your experience and understanding of Frontend development. You should have prior basic knowledge of HTML & CSS and we recommend that you've participated in our Web Essentials 1 cohort (formerly “Frontend Fundamentals 1”) or the equivalent (Udemy, Codecademy, etc.) and that you join our Intro to Git & Github Workshop on Feb 23, 2022.

Before you start with us, we also want to know where you are at! Please take our Intake Questionnaire; the link is here: https://forms.gle/bXpkNuy1EWxxHygY7.

Ok, still wondering if this is for you? Here are some frequently asked questions about our upcoming series for you to review and understand that now is your time! So let's take it!

GDI's UI Projects Building Cohort FAQ

I’m a complete beginner; can I join this cohort?
We encourage participants of all levels, but an absolute beginner will find it difficult to complete the UI projects without prior knowledge of HTML & CSS.

Depending on interest, we may run this cohort again. In the meantime, take a beginner HTML & CSS course at GDI or elsewhere and keep an eye out for cycle 2! 

Do I need to pay for FrontendMentor.io?
A paid or premium FrontendMentor membership is not required. The cohort will only work with designs that are available/public to free accounts. 

You are welcome to sign up for a paid account if you want access to premium design challenges and spec files that you want to work on beyond this cohort.

Can I choose the projects I want to work on?
The emphasis is on a shared learning experience; we want the cohort to work on the same pre-selected projects, with each participant implementing the UI in their own unique way. 

Will there be any teaching? There are concepts or topics I don’t feel sure about. 
There are no set lectures because the focus is on independent study. The expectation is that you’re practicing with what you already know, and learning how to use other resources to level up your skills. If you need support or additional guidance, instructors can share links to online documentation and resources. And at their discretion, they may give an overview of a concept or do a demo during the lab sessions.

How do I get my project reviewed?
There’ll be an online signup sheet available two days before each lab for participants who want their projects reviewed. You’ll be able to submit your name, email, and a link to your project. (Make sure your code is publicly viewable.)

Are the UI projects going to be difficult, complex?
We want everyone who participates in this cohort to succeed! We’ll be curating UI designs from Frontendmentor.io that are achievable and still have a bit of challenge to keep things interesting. We ask that you complete this intake form once you register so we can get a measure of the cohort’s range of experience, and select designs that are suited to a range of skills. 

You can also visit Frontend Mentor to preview the challenge projects available there.

Are there specific Frontend skills or concepts I should know beforehand?
An understanding of the Box Model (margins, paddings, borders) and responsive web design (Media Queries) is a good starting point. Also, working with images; knowing how to get and use fonts from Google Fonts. CSS Flexbox will be very helpful.

I’ve been to the Frontend Mentor site, and I see projects that involve JavaScript.
For this initial cohort, we’ll focus purely on HTML & CSS. (Keeping things simple.) If there is an interest in another cycle of this cohort and in JavaScript-based projects, in the future we’ll expand curated designs to include JavaScript.

Do I have to complete a UI project?
This cohort is self-paced, and the level of commitment and participation is up to you. That said, please try. 😀

Will Lab sessions be recorded?
Yes, lab sessions will be recorded and shared with those who are registered for the project cohort within 24-48 hours.

I have other questions that are not addressed here. Who should I ask?
Submit your questions to programs@girldevelopit.com and a member of GDI’s Operations team will get back to you. 

You can learn more about this unique experience on our class site; click here to learn more. We hope to see you there!!