Career Mentoring (1:1)

Career Conversations

October 3, 2022, 10:00 PM UTC – November 5, 2022, 1:00 AM UTC


About this event

A career mentor is someone who shares their knowledge and expertise with you in order to help you set goals, fix problems, and make good choices along your career path. If you're lucky, you'll have a mentor—or several—who will help you throughout your career, from your first roles through to retirement.

Finding that mentor can be hard, if not seem impossible.  GDI wants to change this and has created this program to match our instructors & leaders with our community members who are interested in seeking mentorship.

This Program

We have created this unique program to help connect amazing mentors with our amazing community.  This program is a commitment to meet virtually three times this fall (September -November) for 45 minutes each time, as well as be available to connect on Linkedin and through other means to provide on going support. 

The schedule for this program will be unique and determined by the mentor and mentee.  Once you register, you will be connected with a mentor and you will work together to set the three times that work for both of you.

Class Cost: $240 

GDI does pay our instructors for their time and will offer to reimburse our mentors for their time.  This program is included in the GDI Personalized Membership and is 75% fo GDI Members & Scholarship Recipients.  Learn more about membership here

Code of Conduct

GDI is focused on providing opportunities for women and non-binary individuals to learn web and software development, but our classes and events are open to all genders and identities. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for all to learn to code and every attendee is expected to uphold our Code of Conduct (http://www.