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Leadership Learning Circle: The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Career Conversations

April 28, 2022, 10:00 PM UTC – June 9, 2022, 11:30 PM UTC


About this event

Do you feel like there's more out there for you to do? Do you feel there's much more within your reach to accomplish? Do you feel like you can go much further than where you are now? Are you looking to reach your full potential?

This is likely the learning circle for you! This learning circle is based on the Mastermind Concept. During this seven-session virtual mastermind, you will experience the influence your environment has on your success by surrounding yourself with a group of like-minded, growth-oriented successful women. We will meet virtually every week and unpack chapters from John Maxwell's #1 New York Times Bestseller, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth (Book is optional, not required).

Participating will raise your level of awareness in growth principles to help you get unstuck. You will learn real-life, practical applications of these principles from the instructor and other group members, and you will strengthen your personal and professional network.

Topics to be covered by session:

Session 1 - April 28

  • Introduction
  • Law 1: The Law Of Intentionality – Growth Doesn’t Just Happen

Session 2 - May 5

  • Law 2: The Law Of Awareness – You Must Know Yourself To Grow Yourself
  • Law 3: The Law Of The Mirror – You Must See Value In Yourself To Add Value To Yourself

Session 3 - May 12

  • Law 4: The Law Of Reflection – Learning To Pause Allows Growth To Catch Up With You
  • Law 5: The Law Of Consistency – Motivation Gets You Going – Discipline Keeps You Growing

Session 4 - May 19

  • Law 7: The Law Of Design – To Maximize Growth, Develop Strategies
  • Law 8: The Law Of Pain – Good Management of Bad Experiences Leads to Great Growth

Session 5 - May 26

  • Law 9: The Law Of The Ladder – Character Growth Determines The Height Of Your Personal Growth
  • Law 10: The Law Of The Rubber Band – Growth Stops When You Lose The Tension Between Where You Are And Where You Could Be

Session 6 - Tuesday, May 31 (note, Tuesday, not Thursday)

  • Law 11: The Law Of Tradeoffs – You Have To Give Up To Go Up

Session 7 - June 9

  • Law 12: The Law Of Curiosity – Growth Is Driven By Wanting To Learn More
  • Law 13: The Law Of Modeling – It’s Hard To Improve When You Have No One Else But Yourself To Follow

You will leave with:

  • A personal development plan to help them move in the direction of their goals.
  • Practical and life-long growth principles.
  • A network of other technology professionals.


Participants are required to review a 15-20 minute video prior to each session. Also, to get the most from the experience, both pre-work and post-work assignments should be completed. Class assignments will be sent out once students have registered.

Class Schedule

Class 1 - 04/28 @ 6:00p - 7:30p ET / 3p - 4:30p PT

Class 2 - 05/05 @ 6:00p - 7:30p ET / 3p - 4:30p PT

Class 3 - 05/12 @ 6:00p - 7:30p ET / 3p - 4:30p PT

Class 4 - 05/19 @ 6:00p - 7:30p ET / 3p - 4:30p PT

Class 5 - 05/26 @ 6:00p - 7:30p ET / 3p - 4:30p PT

Class 6 - 05/31 @ 6:00p - 7:30p ET / 3p - 4:30p PT (note, this time has changed to Tuesday, not Thursday for this week)

Class 7 06/09 @ 6:00p - 7:30p ET / 3p - 4:30p PT

Class Cost: $120

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About Mastermind:

The Mastermind Group is a process made famous in the 1930s by author Napoleon Hill who spent 20 years interviewing and meeting 25,000 people to discuss the principles of success, achievement, and personal growth. Five hundred of those people were the most recognized leaders, innovators, and creators of their time, names like Rockefeller, Edison, and Ford. Hill identified 13 principles to the secret of achievement, and one of those was the mastermind. A group of intentional, like-minded people all come with a common purpose to themselves and each other. The common purpose to themselves is whatever their life purpose, vision, and goals are. The common purpose to each other is to add value, lift each other up, and contribute. In fact, the meetings' success is determined not by what the members get but by what the members contribute.

Code of Conduct:

Girl Develop It is focused on providing opportunities for women and non-binary individuals to learn web and software development, but our classes and events are open to all genders and identities. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for all to learn to code and every attendee is expected to uphold our Code of Conduct (http://www.