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Learning Circle: 3 Simple Keys to Boost Your Career

Career Conversations

June 22, 2023, 11:00 PM UTC – July 14, 2023, 12:30 AM UTC


About this event

Are you frustrated with where you are in your career? Are you disappointed that you didn’t get that promotion or the raise or even recognition? Are you wondering what has been holding you back? What is it going to take to get you where you want to be? Then this is likely the learning circle for you! This learning circle is specifically designed to help empower you to boost your career. The Learning Circle is developed as an in-depth expansion on the instructor’s talk: “The Courage to Be Uniquely You” where she tackles personal development areas like self-discovery, self-esteem, and self-promotion to help you understand how these skills impact career advancement.

This learning circle is based on the Mastermind Concept which encourages interactive learning, coaching, and practical application. During this six-session virtual study, you will experience the influence your environment has on your success by surrounding yourself with a group of like-minded, growth-oriented successful women. We will meet every week to unpack personal development topics that will help you feel more empowered about the direction of your career.

You will learn real-life, practical applications from the instructor and other group members, and you will strengthen your personal and professional network.

Topics to be covered by session:


  • Who Are You?
  • What is Your Worth?
  • What is Your “Why”?


  • Tackling Imposter Syndrome
  • Developing self-confidence
  • The confidence formula
  • Establishing Executive Presence


  • Your career, your responsibility
  • Tacking the misconception of humility
  • Selling yourself with success stories

You will leave with:

  • Practical and life-long soft skills that enhance your career.
  • A network of other technology professionals.

Dates & Times:

  • Thursday, June 22 @ 7:00p - 8:30p ET / 4:00p - 5:30p PT
  • Thursday, June 29 @ 7:00p - 8:30p ET / 4:00p - 5:30p PT
  • Thursday, July 7 @ 7:00p - 8:30p ET / 4:00p - 5:30p PT
  • Thursday, July 13 @ 7:00p - 8:30p ET / 4:00p - 5:30p PT

Class Cost: $120

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