Learning Circle: Developing the Leader Within You 2.0

Career Conversations
Jan 27 - Mar 3, 2022, 7:00 PM (EST)

About this event

This learning circle is based on the Mastermind Concept. During this six-session virtual mastermind, you will experience the influence your environment has on your success by surrounding yourself with a group of like-minded, growth-oriented successful women in leadership. 

The Mastermind Group is a process made famous in the 1930s by author Napoleon Hill who spent 20 years interviewing and meeting 25,000 people to discuss the principles of success, achievement, and personal growth. Five hundred of those people were the most recognized leaders, innovators, and creators of their time, names like Rockefeller, Edison, and Ford. Hill identified 13 principles to the secret of achievement, and one of those was the mastermind. A group of intentional, like-minded people all come with a common purpose to themselves and each other. The common purpose to themselves is whatever their life purpose, vision, and goals are. The common purpose to each other is to add value, lift each other up, and contribute. In fact, the meetings' success is determined not by what the members get but by what the members contribute.

Topics to be covered by session:

• Session 1

a. Introduction & Goal Setting

• Session 2

a. Chapter 1: The Definition of Leadership – Influence

b. Chapter 2: The Key to Leadership - Priorities

• Session 3

a. Chapter 3: The Foundation of Leadership – Character

b. Chapter 4: The Ultimate Test of Leadership – Creating Positive Change

• Session 4

a. Chapter 5: The Quickest Way to Gain Leadership – Problem Solving

b. Chapter 6: The Extra Plus in Leadership: Attitude

• Session 5

a. Chapter 7: The Heart of Leadership – Serving People

b. Chapter 8: The Indispensable Quality of Leadership – Vision

Session 6

a. Chapter 9: The Price Tag of Leadership – Self-Discipline

b. Chapter 10: The Expansion of Leadership – Personal Growth 

You will leave with:

  • A personal development plan to help them move in the direction of their goals.
  • Practical and life-long growth principles.
  • A network of other technology professionals.


Participants are required to review a 15-20 minute video prior to each session. Also, to get the most from the experience, both pre-work and post-work assignments should be completed. Class assignments will be sent out once students have registered. 

Class Fees: $120.0

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