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The Courage to be Uniquely You

Career Conversations

Fri, Jan 7, 6:00 PM (UTC)


About this event

Sometimes we struggle with where we are in life. We struggle with the roles we play. We’re frustrated that we didn’t get the promotion or the raise or even the recognition. We think that to get where we want to be, we need to become more like our male colleagues, like “one of the guys”. Becoming like one of the guys is not the solution, the solution is having the courage to be uniquely you.

This will be a fun and powerful talk led by Nicole Calhoun.  Nicole is a high-energy and results-oriented professional who has worked with diverse multi-cultural teams around the world. She brings 25 years of corporate and technology experience to her training workshops. (see her full bio below)

During this talk,  Nicole will share the importance of:

  • Knowing Who You Are
  • Understanding your passions
  • Assessing your skills
  • Tracking your accomplishments
  • Defining how others should treat you
She will also discuss  the importance of Owning Who You Are and will give tips for:
  • Tackling Imposter Syndrome
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Developing Executive Presence
  • Being unapologetically you  

Code of Conduct: GDI's mission is focused on providing opportunities for women to learn web and software development, but our classes and events are open to all genders and identities. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for all to learn to code and every attendee is expected to uphold our Code of Conduct (


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