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The Future of Women at Work #Equalithon

Virtual Classes

October 24, 2020, 10:00 PM UTC – October 27, 2020, 1:00 AM UTC


About this event

The COVID-19 crisis could set women back half a decade"- McKinsey Women at Work Report.

We can accelerate things, together. Hack for gender equality and create real-world solutions for more sustainable and equitable workplaces for women.

Network and meet other women in tech while you hack for impact! Let's work together to create a better future for women and girls.

We will explore ideas for working mothers, the intersection of politics, policy, and tech, pay equity, and career stability for women.

We can influence change in how employers support women, particularly women of color in the workplace.

Our hackathon kicks-off with ice breakers, networking, and a panel discussion with experts:

  • Katie Franco, Executive Director of Girl Develop It
  • Leslie Forde, Founder of Mom's Hierarchy of Needs
  • Kandice Harris, JD- Midwestern Regional Director of Run for Something

Join us and addressing the gender parity in the personal and professional lives of women.

What’s in there for participants?

Here is what our members liked in past Equalithons:

  • support to Diversity and Inclusion
  • support to causes and nonprofits that act for them, like fighting COVID-19
  • finding other great team members
  • learning from experienced team leads and mentors
  • giving back and supporting each other

in addition:

  • Essteem support for resumes, Linkedin, how to network and your personal brand
  • We provide support for applications with sponsors or other employers
  • We give career tips
  • With Essteem Partners, get preferred prices for career coaching and more
  • Explore our Scored list of inclusive companies, and check out who hires currently
  • Discover EqualiCamp: the first Bootcamp that pays you - first of a kind, November 2020.

Want to learn more?

  • watch short videos to discover our community
  • check out the incredible impact driven by past Equalithons’ genius Laureates
  • What is an Equalithon?

Basically, you can expect

  • as a participant, to work for 1 week to build a functional app that solves a real life challenge
  • as a mentor, to support one team or several - you choose
  • Teams compete to propose the best solution to a challenge
  • Team leads pick challenges, then build teams
  • You can choose to lead or mentor
  • participating will take you 2 hours a day, and up to 5 during weekends
  • mentoring will take you about 30 minutes a day
  • There will be daily standups with a mentor
  • Several pre-and post-Equalithon events to accompany you
  • Laureate teams get a prize when there are Sponsors