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Virtual Hackathon

Thursday, November 4, 2021, 12:15 – 1:30 AM UTC


About this event

Make sure you don't spend the whole hackathon installing packages! Come to this session to get help installing the basic software. 

This is a great session to attend if you also plan to attend the Git and GitHub for hackathons session. 


We will install the majority of tools in this session using the Command Line Interface (aka the Terminal). If you are unfamiliar, make your way through this tutorial: 


If you are a Windows user, please do the following before class starts:

To get a better experience going forward, we’re going to install WSL - Windows Subsystem for Linux. This will give us a little mini linux computer running inside windows! Cool, huh? Let’s get started:

  1. Open Powershell. Open start and search for “powershell”. You see a little blue icon. Open that!
  2. Copy and paste wsl --install. Hit Enter. This will install wsl!
  3. Reboot when that finishes, and meet us back here for the next step
  4. Open start again and search for “wsl”. You should see a little penguin, run that!
  5. A black window should appear and say it’s setting something up. Wait for that to happen, and then when prompted, enter a username and a password!
  6. Make sure the password is something that you can type in easily, since you’ll be doing that a lot soon.

Done! You will be using this window for all the rest of the commands coming up. If you lose it, just search for “wsl” and open it back up!


To install some of the developer-specific things we need to get started, we’ll need a new program - Homebrew! This allows us to install things from the command line super easily. To start, open a terminal (just search for it!) and then just run this command (it’s one line, just reallyyyy long):

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"


The GDI mission is focused on providing opportunities for women & non-binary adults to learn web and software development, but our classes and events are open to all genders and identities. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for all to learn to code and every attendee is expected to uphold our Code of Conduct (