Why Everyone Should Learn JavaScript in 2024

We often get asked by individuals who are interested in exploring coding as a career: Where do I start? Is there an order I need to learn code? What should I as a beginner?

While there are many ways to answer this question, the simplest and overall agreed-upon recommendation is: start with JavaScript. 

JavaScript stands out as a versatile and in-demand programming language that can open doors to numerous opportunities. 

Here are our top reasons why we think anyone starting their coding journey in 2024 should explore JavaScript (and how we can make it happen!).

High Demand and Versatility:
JavaScript is the backbone of web development, making it an indispensable skill in today's tech-driven world. The language is used both on the client and server sides, making it versatile for full-stack development. As businesses increasingly rely on web applications and interactive user interfaces, the demand for JavaScript developers continues to soar.

Remote Work Opportunities:
JavaScript is a language well-suited for remote work, allowing more women+ to find the balance between their professional and personal lives. With the rise of remote-friendly workplaces, learning JavaScript empowers individuals - like members of our community - to explore career opportunities without the constraints of moving, or building in time for commuting. Whether freelancing or working for a tech company, the ability to contribute to projects from the comfort of home can be a game-changer for those seeking flexibility in their careers.

Entrepreneurial Empowerment:
JavaScript skills are a gateway to entrepreneurship in the tech industry. With the ability to develop web applications, women and non-binary adults can transform their ideas into reality, whether it's launching a personal website, creating a web-based product, or contributing to open-source projects. JavaScript provides the tools to turn creativity into tangible solutions and offers a unique avenue for women to carve their own paths in the tech world.

Future-Proofing Your Career:
Technology evolves rapidly, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial for career longevity. JavaScript is continually evolving, with frameworks and libraries like React, Angular, and Vue.js shaping the modern dev. landscape. By learning JavaScript, new coders can future-proof their careers, ensuring they remain valuable contributors to the tech industry as it continues to evolve.

Why Learn It with GDI?
We make learning JavaScript more than just acquiring a technical skill. GDI offers a community, helps you break down barriers, and is committed to cultivating the untapped potential that women and non-binary adults bring to the tech world. Whether you aspire to become a web developer, contribute to open-source projects, or launch your own tech startup, JavaScript is the key that opens doors to a world of possibilities.

Make 2024 your year. Embrace the challenge, dive into the code, and embark on a journey that promises not just a career change but a transformative experience in the ever-expanding realm of technology. Our next class starts January 9th.

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