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Frontend Projects 2 Cohort (JavaScript)

FrontEnd Classes

February 18, 2023, 6:00 PM UTC – March 11, 2023, 8:00 PM UTC


About this event

The hardest parts of learning web development and integrating your new skills can be knowing what to build and getting enough practice. Our Frontend Projects cohorts are geared to help you overcome these two learning obstacles.

In Frontend Projects 2, the focus is on incorporating JavaScript—the third component of the frontend triad—into our projects. While HTML & CSS give us the layout and visuals for our websites and applications, it’s JavaScript that makes our projects come alive, giving us the modern and dynamic web experience we’ve come to expect.

Over four weeks, this cohort will call on your fundamental JavaScript knowledge (creating functions, writing conditional flows, working with arrays and objects and their built-in methods, and more!) as you work on progressive UI challenges, learn to master the JavaScript DOM, and debug your code. By the end, you’ll have four completed portfolio projects and more confidence in your JavaScript skills!

(Not quite ready for so much “JavaScripting”? We recommend taking Frontend Projects 1!)

How Frontend Projects Cohorts Work:

The focus is on independent work-–practicing with the skills you already have, and learning to find resources to get your project(s) to completion.

Each week, you’ll receive a pre-selected challenge from to code at your own pace and time. There will be weekly follow-up lab sessions to review or demo [completed] work; troubleshoot code; discuss best practices and techniques; get your questions answered, and review upcoming challenges.

In between the labs, you’ll use GDI’s Community Slack channel to get on-going support from your instructor, ask further questions, and receive and share feedback and resources with other cohort members.

Learn More: Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should join:

  • A new UI challenge every week = 4 new projects to add to your portfolio
  • Getting individualized and specific feedback from your instructor
  • Focused practice on using your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills
  • Cultivating general coding best practices
  • Learning in community with others

Class Details: Class will meet for 2 hours once a week for four weeks following a pre-recorded orientation.


  • Orientation: PRE-RECORDED

  • Project Lab #1: Saturday, February 18 @ 1p - 3p ET / 10a - 12p PT
  • Project Lab #2: Saturday, February 25 @ 1p - 3p ET / 10a - 12p PT
  • Project Lab #3: Saturday, March 4 @ 1p - 3p ET / 10a - 12p PT
  • Project Lab #4: Saturday, March 11 @ 1p - 3p ET / 10a - 12p PT

Cost: Cost: $160 (8 hours of instruction)

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  • Basic knowledge of HTML & CSS. Or you’ve completed Web Essentials 1 (GDI) or the equivalent (Udemy, Codecademy, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and the DOM. Or you’ve completed JavaScript Fundamentals 1 (GDI); JavaScript: Intro to the DOM (GDI); or the equivalent (Udemy, Codecademy, etc.)
  • Learn more: Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Prerequisites:

  • A account (Free)
  • A GitHub account (Required to sign up for Frontend Mentor)
  • A Web Browser (Chrome or Firefox)
  • A Code Editor (Such as: Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime, etc.)
    • or an Online Code Editor (Such as,, etc.)
  • Join GDI’s Community Slack channel (Invites will be sent after registration)

Code of Conduct:

Our mission is focused on providing opportunities for women to learn web and software development, but our classes and events are open to all genders and identities. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming and comfortable environment for all to learn to code and every attendee is expected to uphold our Code of Conduct (